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Democrats release full text of Biden's $3.5T reconciliation package

 24 days ago
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday unveiled the full text of President Biden's $3.5 trillion social spending package. Why it matters: Democrats are racing to finish negotiations and get the bill on the floor as soon as possible so Pelosi can fulfill her promises to both House centrists and progressives about the timing and sequencing of passing the party's dual infrastructure packages.

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l fidler
23d ago

40 new taxes to pay for illegals, non-working communities, pelosi's park, etc. if you think just the rich are going to pay, you are naive. even Joey skirted on his taxes.

Teri Andrews
23d ago

They want to know how to pay for it, ..I say pony up, Nancy, Chuck,Mitchl, Hunter, and I say hunter cause he holds the big guys money...,Kamala and every senator, and congress person that made money off of covid...or just all of them give up their paychecks for five years, that should cover it...not one of them will miss it. they can all live off their stock portfolios for years without needing to be paid.

23d ago

NGD disguised as infrastructure... and for nancys pet projects that SHE deems important. These draconians in DC have no conscience... ☠☠☠


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