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Kirk Herbstreit Weighs In On Ugly Scene At End Of Marshall vs. App State

The Spun
The Spun
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On Thursday night, Appalachian State and Marshall faced off in a highly-anticipated matchup. While both teams delivered incredible performances, the game was overshadowed by an unfortunate scene after the game was over. A video showed fans allegedly screaming expletives at Marshall players as they walked off the field. “App...

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Truth Bomb Deal With It

So? This isn’t a news story. People have been heckling opposing teams as long as there have been sports. Take off your panties, put on your big boy pants, and play the game. It’s just words.

Zac Smith

Lol. I’m sure those poor football players cried themselves to sleep. No. I’m sure they could not have given a sh it less what opposing fans say to them. This is football Not tennis.

Robert Franklin

I always hate night games. Fans have longer to tailgate and those that drink have longer to imbibe. Seems like their inhibitions which are already loosened by the alcohol consumption are also less at night. I like a toddy or beer as much as the next person, but too much lessens the enjoyment of the game! Especially for surrounding fans!


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