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Case study: Austin is the 'ONLY' option for Californians seeking paradise in Texas

 24 days ago

Houston? Dallas? San Antonio? No, it has to be Austin.

We know Californians love Texas, but a recent string of posts on neighborhood platform Nextdoor in Santa Barbara, California, displays what the craze to move to Austin looks like.

When one user posted, " Hi neighbors, I want to buy a house in Houston, Texas any recommendations? " the responses flooded in displaying what the admiration for Austin looks like from the West Coast. Users mostly advised against a move to Houston; one person even wrote, "Austin is the ONLY place to consider!!"

While some defended H-town, saying, "Awesome place to live," one person wrote, "WORST PLACE TO LIVE." Reasons to not move to Houston from Californians' perspective included:

  • "Foul air from refineries"
  • "horrible flooding due to the flat Gulf coastal shelf"
  • "crazy zoning"
  • "racial prejudice"
  • "super high humidity"
  • "very conservative"

The comments were shifted to Austin's lush greenery, weather and acceptance of gay people.

Over the last five years, Austin has seen more migrants from California than any other state, according to an Austin Chamber of Commerce report . The Austin appeal from residents living in more congested places like California became more prevalent during the pandemic when stay-at-home orders were issued and people sought more space.

It wasn't just Austin though; lots of other Sunbelt cities saw an influx in their housing market as a result of people working from home and looking for a lower cost of living. And that included Texas in general, with people flooding to various Texas cities.

But it hasn't come with resistance. The "Don't California my Texas" pleas are still alive and well, as Californians are blamed for raising the cost of living by outpricing current residents. The housing market has reached record numbers in the median home price year-over-year since the beginning of the pandemic . Austin was even predicted to be the most expensive city outside of California by the end of the year.

Still, Californians and even New Yorkers can't stay away. Companies and celebrities have followed, leading Texas transplant Elon Musk to label Austin's future as "the biggest boomtown that America has seen in half a century."

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Jonathan Adair Grishman
24d ago

so leave a liberal state to move to a liberal city... doesn't make much sense... leave your liberal ideology in California before coming to Texas

Terri Kessler Smith
24d ago

Please please please stay in California we don’t need you coming to Texas destroying it and ruining it the way you did California stay there.

Marie Edison
24d ago

It makes sense, Austin has become California which is so sad because Austin use to be so clean and beautiful but traded it all for liberal politics!!


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