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This group is calling for a new round of $1,400 stimulus checks to help Social Security recipients

 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleSocial Security recipients are expected to get a significant cost-of-living adjustment in 2022. But the estimated bump of around 6% won't take effect until January, and that could be too little, too late for many retirees living on a fixed income, according to Mary Johnson, a policy analyst at the Senior Citizens League.

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Joan Marie
23d ago

About time social security recipients get a little help. A raise from social security is nothing, it will be eaten up by Medicare

Linda Ramos
23d ago

some people didn't ask to be on social security unlike my self and some and like my self didn't ask or chose to be on Early social security disability and see I've worked and If I could I would still be working but in 2010 I was in a very bad car accident to I was forced and unable to anymore & I was forced into to my early retirement disability. so be so quick to judged about people being on social security disability better asked and understand what led people to it

Benji Lummus
23d ago

they are trying to get the 1400 for seniors as well as people on disability at least that's what I have read. I try to stay informed because I'm on disability


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