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Arizona State

The Arizona ‘audit’ just destroyed a big GOP lie — in more ways than one

Washington Post
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe news that the sham Arizona “audit” has “confirmed” President Biden’s victory is being widely cast as a huge setback for purveyors of former president Donald Trump’s “big lie” about the 2020 election. In one sense this is true, but this insta-conclusion misses a crucial part of the story....

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bob ryan
27d ago

No surprise here, it always was fair, & trump simply lost, as everyone knew. Trump's big lie under the microscope

Leo Vallier
27d ago

I would do a door to door consensus. 1/2 of the people there were probably not old enough to vote, dead people or people that are not citizens of our country. besides they've had plenty of time to hide any discrepancy


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