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House Dem threatens to vote against $3.5T bill unless Black colleges get more money

Washington Times
 22 days ago

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden’s wavering $3.5 trillion social welfare bill took another hit when Rep. Alma Adams said she’s a no vote unless more money goes to historically Black colleges and universities. Ms. Adams, a North Carolina Democrat and top advocate for HBCUs, said Mr. Biden is shortchanging the Black schools in...

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Merri Lee Kraemer Patterson
20d ago

WHATEVER, it doesn't matter if they win it, if they lose it they're going to steal it anyway that's what the Democrats do.

Loretta Foote
20d ago

why is it always about race!! all colleges should be equal. salaries really need revamping also. professors salaries. would shock people if they were printed for all to see!!

Maria Ortiz
20d ago

what is wrong with this lady. i don't think Biden put the blacks aside for collage help. this is for all students. OMG. we are all in line for different things that Biden is trying to get our country. This is not the time to fight against each other this is the time to get united without the Republicans.


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