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Manteo, NC

Friday set for clouds in Manteo - 3 ways to make the most of it

Manteo (NC) Weather Channel
Manteo (NC) Weather Channel
 25 days ago

(MANTEO, NC.) A cloudy grey blanket is set to settle over Manteo Friday, but that doesn’t have to put a damper on getting things done. Make the most of it with one of these ideas — or use them as inspiration to come up with your own plan to beat the grey.

Sprints day: Beginners and veteran enthusiasts alike know the frustration of wanting to go all-out with a new exercise or technique, but being thwarted by a broiler summer day. A cloudy day can be a perfect opportunity to take things up a notch without overheating.

Yard work: Who likes baking under the sun while they rake leaves or mow the lawn? Keep it cool by stacking heavy yard work tasks on overcast days.

Catch a movie: There’s nothing wrong with using a grey day for a break, either. Whether it’s a movie, a visit to an arcade, or even a day catching up on your favorite streaming shows, a rest day is a great idea, too.

Along with a cloudy Friday, here’s the rest of the four-day forecast for Manteo:

  • Friday, September 24

    Partly sunny during the day; while mostly cloudy overnight

    • High 75 °F, low 65 °F
    • Windy: 16 mph
  • Saturday, September 25

    Mostly sunny during the day; while mostly clear overnight

    • High 76 °F, low 64 °F
    • Breezy: 6 to 9 mph
  • Sunday, September 26

    Sunny during the day; while clear overnight

    • High 77 °F, low 65 °F
    • Light wind
  • Monday, September 27

    Sunny during the day; while clear overnight

    • High 81 °F, low 68 °F
    • Light wind

Don’t forget you can get the latest weather updates with the NewsBreak app. This forecast was created automatically using NWS data.

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