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White House tells U.S. agencies to get ready for first government shutdown of pandemic

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleThe White House budget office notified federal agencies on Thursday to begin preparations for the first shutdown of the U.S. government since the coronavirus pandemic began, as lawmakers on Capitol Hill struggle to reach a funding agreement. Administration officials stress the request is in line with traditional procedures seven...

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Kim Cochran

if you impeach all dems it would take years. impeachment process is for treason. the only sure way now is the vote. Get them all out. Then do something either trial or impeachment and start putting them in jail. and go after all the rest of the river rats in hiding such as Obama hiary brrnamen the list goes on

Paul Moore
30d ago

it has nothing to do with the pandemic it has to do with this pelosi in the others aren't getting it their way so they're going to be they're going to run around cry like a baby we can't get this bill passed boo hoo that's all it's about because the Democratic party isn't getting it their way


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