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Spike in Rental Prices Sets Up the Next Long-Term Crisis
 21 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWhile home prices continue to attract attention, another part of the real estate market is becoming unaffordable. Zillow, the website that offers Zestimates tracked by many homeowners to track the value of their homes, also offers information on rental prices. According to Zillow:. Typical U.S. rents measured by Zillow’s Observed...

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Cracker Jacques
19d ago

Who knew, when real-estate investors set the market price for their own investments. It effects everyone. Duh? You mean taxes increase along with growth? You mean you pay more tax on more home value? Whuuut?? Who knew, that when your landlords costs increased, so would yours. #EconomicsForLeftards

20d ago

It’s not just the prices.. it’s going to be the deposit and more money down and good rental credit reference.. the landlord and property owners and banks.. are done being the free ride… and it will get worse… the more the government handouts keep going on.. and government control… action speak loader then words… get the Picture yet???


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