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A Taliban founder says cutting off hands as punishment will be ‘necessary for security’

Washington Post
 24 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA founder of the Taliban, who became notorious for imposing its harsh rule the last time the militants governed Afghanistan, says the group plans to bring back executions and amputations. “Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security,” Nooruddin Turabi told the Associated Press. The country’s rulers are deciding...

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24d ago

Good thing for democrats that it's not the penalty here for stealing or many of them would have had a problem voting for Biden with those stubs. Hahaha.

Vinny BagoDonuts
22d ago

Wow even CNN admits Biden is a complete failure. 👀(CNN)President Joe Biden on Monday defended his decision to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan. The problem with such a double-down is that the President is not only responsible for his decision -- he's responsible for its execution. And the execution has gone incredibly poorly. In a matter of days, the Taliban have overrun the country and assumed control of Kabul, while thousands of Afghans, afraid for their lives, attempt to flee on flights bound for Europe, the US and elsewhere.Biden's insistence that he has made the right decision solidifies his policy position as one of abandonment -- even if it comes at the cost of allowing the Taliban, who have a history of harboring terrorists, to assume power once again. Whereas the George W. Bush doctrine was based on the use of preemptive force as a legitimate strategy for national defense, the Biden doctrine appears based on desertion as a component of failed foreign policy.

Sandy Jones Balthis
24d ago

They should do that to all the men that harm children and women sexually, here in America


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