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Biden’s Black Allies ‘Pissed’ Biden Is ‘Following the Trump Policy’ With Haitians

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Long-simmering criticism of the Biden administration’s approach to immigration policy by Democratic allies has taken on a new dimension this week, as civil rights groups and lawmakers express growing concerns that the treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers by American immigration authorities reinforces anti-Black racism. The undeniably racial component of the...

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Gail Parsons
29d ago

There were no whippings. It doesn’t matter what race these folks at the border are - they are ILLEGAL!!! Blacks need to STOP making everything about race!

Beth Caves
30d ago

And this is exactly how ignorance abounds and drama gets started. Extra. No one whipped any human. Do they not know Harris is in charge?? Why aren't they going after thet black vp; who is leading the racist deportations? Does that mean she's racist as well? Why did Obama cut the relief for Cuban refugees fleeing communism? Maybe to keep voters who appreciate capitalism from voting?

30d ago

Biden is a racist haven't you heard remarks he's made. Lates is when he called that. FEMA guy "Boy" and being friends with the KKK leader. When blacks entered our school system saying our schools were now going to be jungles.


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