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Lutz, FL

It's a Good Morning to be in Lutz

ABC Action News WFTS
ABC Action News WFTS
 26 days ago

At ABC Action News, we know it's the combination of all the communities that make Tampa Bay great to live in. That's why we've started a new series of reporting highlighting good things happening around town, discovering cool gems you may not know about, and uncovering the big news events impacting those areas.

On Friday, the Good Morning Tampa Bay team focused on Lutz.

Getting a perfect score is a huge accomplishment for Ever Otto, now a seventh-grade. Especially since it happened during the most difficult time of his life.

"As horrible as the pandemic was for everyone else, you know, we saw it as a little bit of a little, you know, silver lining, because it meant that we could we could actually be together as a family," Ever's mother Kristen Otto said. "We're together and at times when we're apart...we're together."

"I've always been a big reader, and I'm a big writer, you know, LA (language arts) is my favorite subject. And I remember, a lot of the times when I would read books, I would always wonder, what would it be like to you know, be the person who wrote this book."

Taylor Jackson isn't the Lutz Preparatory School student that loves to read, but she might be the only one to publish a book.

If you've ever driven through Lutz, you may have driven by a historic landmark and not even noticed.

The Old Lutz School is situated right on U.S. Highway 41, right in front of the current Lutz K-8.

"Kick off your boots, Give a holler and a hoot. Yeehaw! Easy country living in beautiful downtown Lutz."

If you're from Lutz, you've probably heard the classic song all about this country town.

"If you like a place with nothing, you'll say man Lutz is really something. What do you get something for nothing in beautiful downtown Lutz."

Lap of Love, an in-home veterinary hospice and euthanasia service, got its start in Lutz.

Dr. Dani McVety-Leinen said she found a passion for this in-home service and it all started off as a part-time job.

When Army veteran Nathaniel Heath-Price found out he was getting a puppy, he had one name in mind: Tank.

Even if Tank the puppy turned out to be a girl.

"Doesn't matter," laughs Nathaniel's mom Stacey.

Nathaniel and little Tank are about to be the best of friends thanks to a Lutz nonprofit called Corsos for Heroes.

Lutz teen determined to end 'period poverty'

There's a growing movement to raise awareness about an issue called "period poverty."

It's where girls can't afford or don't have access to sanitary products. It's something many women may take for granted, and 15-year-old Aanya Patel of Lutz is on a mission to change that.

Remember history class when you were in middle school? Was it boring?

Jennifer Shaffer’s 7th graders at Lutz Elementary School says her history class is anything but boring. She helps bring their lessons to life.

Seven years ago he was homeless and addicted to drugs, today he is the proud owner of Revelations Cafe in Lutz.

Robby Graham is now using his business to give back to others in need.

“When you step into Revelations Cafe we believe that people have this sense of calm that comes over them, there is a peace here,” said Graham.

“Seeing people come in today has just been overwhelming, just feelings of a huge amount of support, we couldn’t of asked for a better community,” said owner Allison Fonseca.

All day, neighbors and first responders have taken a seat to enjoy a meal and show Fonseca and her husband Anthony, a Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Lieutenant at station 40, things will be OK.

“It’s a business worth saving and right now they need us,” said Eric Stokes, a firefighter for the City of Tampa.

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