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4th Stimulus Check $1400 for Senior Payment Updates: September Child Tax Credit Delayed
 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe IRS has given 169 million payments in the third round of direct stimulus aid. In this aid, more than 2 million people will be receiving the $1,400 checks in the month of July. But some officials are still pushing for the fourth round of stimulus aid. This fourth round would help in getting payments until the pandemic ends.

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Mary Kandel
23d ago

Have you all forgotten about us Senior Citizens, who are on a limited income and have a hard time making ends meet from one month to the next month? You give Food stamps to kids that spend it on junk food, but forget about the ones who can really use them? Shame on you for forgetting about the Seniors who have paid their taxes over the years, So why are we not included in the same monthly Stimulus check!

Samantha Gruwell
24d ago

SENIORS who are on SSI, SSDI, VET'S should not be required to fill out tax forms!!! We don't know how because we haven't been making money! All these year's you didn't even give us RENTER'S $50.00 REFUND... BECAUSE, IRS didn't want to have the extra paperwork!!! NOW IRS wants it, but whose helping me for FREE, to fill it out????

Talaire Troix Kent
23d ago

those of us on a fixed income are dying out here we just keep getting further and further and further behind and Biden keeps making promises that nobody seems to want to keep and I wonder how many of us will be homeless or dead by the time we get any relief here we are totally below poverty and yet we sit here everybody get money but the disabled and the seniors both in most cases not having children at home because they're all grown no help still no help we've been forgotten and left behind again it's a shame it's a crying shame that they're more worried about the immigrants coming across the border or any border than they are about the true American citizens born and raised here within their borders it's ridiculous all of it is ridiculous I would love to go back to work what I would due to go back to work to not be on disability to not have to live on 794 a month $200 food stamps you go buy me it's gone and that's only meat for a week maybe and it just keeps getting worse and worse a


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