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‘You called me over and over. ‘What do you want?!’ You looked up at me and said, ‘Sorry mommy.’: Mom says ‘we both deserve kindness at our most difficult time’ after snapping at son

 26 days ago
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Glenda McCarty
26d ago

Love that story It shows the little boy has more compassion and love to his mom. We as human Can always learn more From our children If we listen.

Joy P.
26d ago

Awesome story reminds me that no matter how much life beats us down we shouldn’t mistreat our children and take our frustrations out on them. They just want our time. We should try hard to give it to them, we give our time to other things and people that really don’t deserve it.

Lorie Mancini
26d ago

reminds me of the song "cats in the cradle." because they do grow up so quickly and all of a sudden one day you look forward to looking through your old photos of the stages of growth. this story is so sweet and reminds me of the unconditional love of innocent children. it saddens me to think about the ones that never get recognition and furthermore end up in abusive and neglective relationships. God bless all our children-they are so innocent.


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