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COVID-19 Originated In US, Began Spreading In September 2019: China Study

 29 days ago
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The COVID-19 virus, which has killed more than four million people worldwide, may have begun spreading in the United States in September 2019, according to a study conducted by Chinese researchers. In a new paper published on preprint server Chinese Academy of Sciences, a group of Chinese researchers said...

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Nancy Cirelli
29d ago

Absolutely false !!!!! Fauci is the father of covid-19 but it did originate in the Wuhan lab of virology in China. No doubt about this fact !!!

Bruce Gustin
29d ago

Losers repeating Chinese Communist propaganda is not journalism. How much money are the Chinese communists paying them?

Roger Clark
29d ago

dumbasses this shits over a yr old now everyone knows that shot came from China. Noone had an issue knowing it came from China. but now China says it came from USA. GTFOOH. if you belive it originated from USA your scruples are lost.


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