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Proudly 'unmuzzled, unmasked and unvaccinated' anti-vaxx mother dies of COVID-19
 24 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA woman in the US by the name of Kristen Lowery has passed away due to the coronavirus after preaching freedom of expression and condemning masks and vaccines. The anti-vax mother-of-four would regularly post on her personal Facebook account anti vaccination rhetoric, claiming to be giving a voice to 'the vaccine injured.' The 40-year-old woman was described as being a 'free thinker' and believed people should stop at nothing to question everything.

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Dee Dee
23d ago

Oh live and die by the decisions you make...unfortunately, she made a very selfish decision not to protect herself from a very REAL and DEADLY virus...noe her kids get to grow up without their mother...that's the saddest part.

Good Dude
23d ago

I want an antivaxxers who wear seatbelt explain why in the world they bother to put the seatbelts on when there is practically one in a billion chance that you'll get into a car wreck on any given trip.

Ferriss DaiOff
23d ago

Sad, but she knew better, personal choice over her children, what a legacy for her kids. They will go through life thinking their mother did not care for them and chose death over raising her children.


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