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Ex-Trump Attorney Asks Court to Reduce City's Bill for Cost of Bogus Election Fraud Cases

 22 days ago
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Sidney Powell, a former attorney for the Donald Trump re-election campaign, has asked a federal court to reduce the legal fees sought by the city of Detroit for contesting her bogus election fraud court cases. The city of Detroit is seeking $182,193.75 in attorneys' fees from Powell and her team...

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David McGriff
22d ago

She should be charged to the fullest extent permitted by law as spreading lies and deceit in court is a criminal act as no merits of fraud in election and was all lies. Take her license and lock her up.

Paul Harris
22d ago

see the state was represented by the state AG, while the city had to hire lawyers. Now Trump's attorneys get to see what real lawyers cost

Terri Stamets
21d ago

Anyone would have to pay the cost.A price for HONESTY and LYING.You should be charged at the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW and you should have your LAW DEGREE DISBARRED PERMANENTLY


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