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Biden wanted his first call to a foreign leader to be to Angela Merkel, but she blew him off to spend time at her country house: report

Business Insider

Cover picture for the articleAngela Merkel blew off Biden when he tried to call her first after taking office, per the Wall Street Journal. Merkel brushed off the "symbolism" of Biden wanting to reach out to before other world leaders as "irrelevant." The snub from Merkel, who is stepping down as chancellor, shows...

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30d ago

She didn’t want to hang on the phone as he bumbled and stumbled through an attempt to finish a coherent sentence.

Jim Serrill
30d ago

She didn't want to hear about his favorite ice cream! The adults are back in charge.....

Brian Austin
29d ago

gee wiz Biden. wonder why. because no one takes you seriously. your not a president in the eyes as world leaders.


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