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Wisconsin police officer, 26, dies from COVID day after his second child is born

Bring Me The News
Bring Me The News
 26 days ago
Sep 23, 2021

A police officer in Wisconsin is dead at just 26 years old after contracting the coronavirus. According to the Fond du Lac Police Department, Officer Joseph Kurer died Sept. 22 due to complications from COVID-19.

"Officer Kurer is survived by his wife and two children, one born the night before Joseph passed away," the department announced. "Joseph is also survived by his parents and sister."

Kurer was also a member of the Wisconsin National Guard, serving as an aviation operations sergeant. As a police officer, he was part of the department's tactical force team, honor guard, domestic violence intervention team and was a field training officer.

How and when Kurer contracted the virus is information that has not been disclosed, nor is it clear if he was vaccinated.

“Our entire Fond du Lac Police Department family mourns the passing of Officer Joseph Kurer. Our love and condolences go out to Joseph’s wife and children and all those with whom he served," Chief Aaron Goldstein said. "We, as a police department family will do everything possible to continue to provide support and comfort to Joseph’s family. Joseph will be missed by everyone here.”

Law enforcement escorted Kurer's body from the hospital to a funeral home on Thursday, and officers will stand by his side until funeral services are complete.

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Nurse from WI
26d ago

Article after Article after Article proves how COVID-19 can kill people. I would think after all this time everyone would understand this and take precautions to prevent it from happening to themselves, their friends or their families but they don't care. Eventually COVID-19 will affect more and more people and will be too late for many.

Erica Jones
26d ago

My condolences to his wife and children 🙏🏿 no one should be making jokes about death

J Carroll
26d ago

He very likely was a fool anti-vaxxer deserving no sympathy. My heart goes out to the family he left behind. I hope his wife had/had sense enough to protect her children by being vaccinated


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