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Ice Melt at The Poles Is Now Causing Hidden Changes to Earth's Crust on a Huge Scale

 25 days ago
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As the polar ice sheets melt, the process is not just raising sea levels – it's also warping the underlying surface of Earth, a new study reveals, and some of the effects can be seen across thousands of miles. What's happening is that Earth's crust is rising and spreading as the weight of the ice across Greenland, Antarctica, and the Arctic Islands gets lifted. The movement isn't huge, averaging less than a millimeter a year, but it's there and it covers a lot of ground. There's a feedback loop happening too, because as the bedrock under the ice shifts, that in turn...

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25d ago

I find it fascinating that we believe that we can do anything to reverse this. This is the Earth's process and we will have to learn to adjust to it.

Ryan Smith
23d ago

whats interesting to me is do we even know this is happening? i mean have any of use or the people writing this been there first hand or are we just taking someones words for granted? im not down playing what might or might not be happening but just saying.

23d ago

They didn’t start monitoring temps until about 140 years ago, which happens to be right at the lowest temp of a mini ice age that started 4,000 years ago. 4,000 years ago it was about 2.5 degrees warmer than it is now. So, temps will rise some, but there is nothing man can do about it!


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