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Brother Refused to Give Up Part Of His College Money To Help His Sister’s Child

 21 days ago
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When parents favor one of their adult children with more financial assistance than the others, it can lead to emotional havoc in the entire family. How would you feel when your sibling refuses to help you despite knowing about your financial crisis? One Redditor's sister lashed out at her brother for not spending money on her baby.

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Larry Kruzan
19d ago

seems to me if she wasn't financially stable she probably should have waited in the baby, he is not responsible for her financial situation and she should respect that he is actually doing something with his life and figure something else out

Annette Cloward
20d ago

If he wants to help her later after his graduation that's his decision not hers. Baby's daddy needs to support his child.

Gino Hunter
20d ago

millions of mothers expect someone else to financially support their children beside themselves. The welfare system. Tax payers. Anyone who can help, they'll be happy to take from.


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