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Pell City animal control reunites owner and dog

St. Clair News Aegis
St. Clair News Aegis
 22 days ago
Bruiser was found happy and healthy, clearly taken care of during his two years away from his owner Photo provided by the Pell City Animal Control Center

Last Wednesday the Pell City Animal Control Center’s Facebook page shared a photo of a chihuahua yorkie mix, along with the caption that he was found in Odenville.

The dog’s original owner had not seen him in two years, and recognized him instantly after seeing the shared social media post. She was able to confirm the identity of the dog because of a surgery scar on his leg.

“She started crying and said that his name was Bruiser. When she said his name over the phone, the dog got all excited,” said Laura Carlton, a kennel staff worker.

While they’re uncertain where he’s been for the past two years, Bruiser seemed to be in great health and was taken care of, wherever he was.

“She was really excited to get him back, and we were really excited to help,” said Carlton

The last and only other time this happened, they discovered that the dog had come all the way from Texas, and its owner also happened to see a social media post by the Center.

Carlton said this was a win for the center in the midst of hard times it has been going through since the pandemic began.

“We’ve been completely covered up with animals and tough situations because of COVID, so it was really nice to be able to see some happiness,” said Carlton.

When strays are brought into the Center they are typically posted shared with an ID number and found location, and the owner has seven days to come and get their pet. If they remain unclaimed, they are put up for adoption.

The center has been trying to push specials for adoptions to get all of St. Clair County’s lost animals rehomed. These updates and pet listings are located on their Facebook page.

Right now, they are most in need of cleaning supplies such as dawn dish soap, Mr. Clean and bleach. All of these items are used to keep the animals in a clean environment. They also need donations for food, blankets and people to come spend time with the animals while they wait for adoption.

“We take care of them, but we don’t really have the time to cuddle them and give them love the way they would at home.”

Those interested in volunteering can go to the center and fill out the application. As long as it is accepted, volunteers can usually start helping as soon as the same day.

Bruiser’s mom, who asked to remain anonymous, would like to thank Debbie Harrison, who shared Bruiser’s Facebook post with her and whoever took care of her pup these past two years.

“I can’t thank enough people that played a part, I have grieved for him for over two years, wondering if who has him loved him like I did, and to finally get him back, and he’s healthy, means the world to me,” said Bruiser’s owner.

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