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FACT CHECK: No, Denzel Washington Did Not Say Hollywood Is ‘Drenched In Innocent Children’s Blood’
 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAn image shared on Instagram purportedly shows a Telegram post authored by actor Denzel Washington claiming Hollywood is “drenched in innocent children’s blood.”. The statement has been misattributed to Washington. He does not own a Telegram account, according to his publicist. Fact Check:. The image in the Sept. 22 Instagram...

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Allie Welka
22d ago

Actually it was Mel Gibson who said that...almost 20 years ago. It IS too... the "white rabbit " IS adren0chr0me... look it up

22d ago

The only time fact check makes a point to say something is not true is when it actually is the TRUTH

Joe of the taliban
20d ago

Hollywood is drenched in fossil fuels. nothing they do or anywhere they go couldn't happen without massive amounts of fossil fuels... decaprio Flys thousands and thousands of miles to whine amount Americans carbon footprint. one of his trips of a private jet easily tops 500 hundred average carbon footprint for a month... hippocreates are democrap's...


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