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Father of 12 Died of COVID Complications After Family Tried Desperately to Find ECMO Machine


Cover picture for the article"The hardest thing I've ever done in my life was to come home and tell my babies that their daddy wasn't coming home," said Reed Hickson's wife Gina. A father of 12 from Texas died of COVID-19 complications after a month-long health battle. When Reed Hickson, 49, was diagnosed...

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lisa marecki

When you don't get the vaccine you are gambling with your life and everything attached to it. So sad that that large beautiful family will have to create a life together without him. Every story I read like this is the same shock at getting the virus at the life threatening level yet a vaccine has been available for many months. My fellow citizens in the South and West get the shot or shore up your life insurance policies so your loved ones don't have to rely on the Go Fund Me page to pay the funeral bill.

Betty Gonzalez

I just hope that people start waking up to reality that in these days that we're living it's life or death I choose life I can't wait to get my third vaccination that is so important please for God's sake do it not only for yourself do it for your precious families take care God bless be safe

Bella Vie. life is Beautiful

imagine if he cared enough about his family to be vaccinated. so many needless deaths. over 6 Billion vaccines have been administered worldwide.these anti vaxxers are not living in reality. do not donate to these Go fund mess. these people are refusing to even care about their own children.


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