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Presidential Election

Dems quietly restrict GOP ability to investigate White House actions on Afghanistan, border crisis

Fox News
 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articleRepublicans are furious over moves quietly made by Democrats on the House Rules Committee that have stymied congressional abilities to conduct oversight of the executive branch. Efforts to probe the Biden administration on matters relating to the chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan and the crisis at the southern border have been...

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l fidler
25d ago

so, is this saying the Dems have taken away checks and balances? if so, why and what are they hiding? something is really wrong on many levels....

Gregory Williams
25d ago

what happened to transparency? wasn't that a term used by our current government during the presidential race? yet they seem to want to hide everything. fishy.

25d ago

Democratic Party are with President Biden and the White House.. they let civilian and military lives be lost.. and billons of dollars of military equipment.. lost.. and borders being over run.. and construction being compromise. And government control.. what can we do??? About these government control??? The courts can’t stop them.. get the Picture yet


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