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New COVID Strain Has Reached the U.S.

 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleSep. 23, 2021 -- A strain of COVID-19 first reported in Japan surfaced at a Kentucky nursing home in the spring. Deadline, citing a CDC report, said 26 residents and 20 workers tested positive for COVID-19 at a skilled care nursing home. The facility has 83 residents and 116...

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Rick Snyder
29d ago

of course it has. how many times do you people have to be told this is what viruses do. they mutate to survive and you will not find a cure for each mutation that comes out. let it run its course and everyone will be alot better off in the long run. let the drs treat their patients the way they see fit WITHOUT government interference.

29d ago

More deadly Covid strains coming into the country. What a surprise. This is negligence on the president part for not restricting incoming travel and an open border.

Ddraig the Red
28d ago

ok, let's all step back a minute and look at the big picture here. virus funded by same person or persons who are directing the response to the virus. in china it made no sense to keep international aviation going while shutting down all movement domestically. that alone facilitated the world wide spread. It also made no sense to put sick in nursing homes with the most vulnerable. Hospitals were given extra money for covid case assistance which made the count of covid deaths balloon and fear was pushed through to the public. Fautchi flip flowing, mix messaging from democrats that are possibly beholden to china if Gen Milly situation is correct. Then vaccine, ADE present in animal studies, A HUGE NO NO, but countless papers claim otherwise..misinformation campaign, only to be changed back to show ADE WAS present after the vaccine rollout began. CAN YOU NOT SEE WHAT IS BEING DONE HERE? CAN YOU NOT SEE THE MANIPULATION?


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