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John Elway fumbled a $714 million bag with Broncos ownership stake

SB Nation
 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleJohn Elway is inexorably linked to the Denver Broncos in the minds of football fans, now he’s looking to make that permanent. News out of Colorado is that Elway is interested in becoming part of an ownership group looking to purchase the team when they hit the market as expected.

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John V
23d ago

actually this is a false report. the ownership that was offered by pat bowlen was struck down by a court filing after the previous owner had and still has first right of refusal. come on guys learn your bronco history

23d ago

I'm tired of John Elway, lost all respect for that man during the Tebow days... John cares about John, he was jealous of Tebow, John wants to be the only quarterback that Denver will ever remember... surprised he got Manning..

Love my HD trike
23d ago

NO! Elway knows nothing about picking players or forming a team. If somehow he does get to become a bigger owner, better be a silent one.


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