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2024: Trump over Biden by 10 points, Harris by 13

 30 days ago

Just 247 days since President Joe Biden took the keys to the Oval Office, a majority of people appear to want him evicted and former President Donald Trump back.

In a stunning turnaround, likely voters today said that given a second chance at Election Day, they’d pick Trump over either Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris. And by a country mile.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey set for release this morning said that in a Trump-Biden election, Trump would win 51%-41%. Independent voters would overwhelmingly choose the Republican, by 20 points, over the incumbent.

Against Harris, Trump would win 52%-39%.

One-fifth of Democrats would also vote for Trump.

The survey is the latest of dozens that have shown Biden sinking like a stone. Many have turned south since the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. forces and diplomats from Afghanistan and the surge of illegal immigrants over the U.S.-Mexico border.

Others have shown that people are growing worried about Biden’s competence and ability to stay in office long enough to run for reelection.

At the same time, voters have been slow to warm to another Trump bid. But that appears to be over.

Rasmussen found that more likely voters than not want Trump to run again. By a 48%-44% margin, they told the pollster that running in 2024 is a good idea.

Trump, set to host a Georgia rally this weekend, has been hinting at another run, and his top advisers have suggested that a 2024 run is a lock.

The poll does not indicate why voters have warmed to Trump again. But others, notably one from McLaughlin & Associates, have shown that voters want Trump’s leadership style back.

For example, when asked about Trump’s “aggressive, controversial” style, voters now think that it “wasn’t so bad” by a 52%-44% margin.

And by a 56%-40% margin, voters told McLaughlin, “I’m coming to appreciate Trump more, and I’m thinking we need a bit more of Trump’s toughness right now.”

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Patricia Cox
29d ago

Some folks cannot handle the truth of the election. how many times does Trump needs to lose the election it a waste of time and money. enough is enough it over . Trump is done there's coming back we really don't need a repeat of history. America is not a Dictatorship country and we don't need or want Hitler or a MUSSOLINI all in one playbook.

29d ago

The election process needs to be straightened out before 2024 otherwise it will be a repeat of 2020. Mail-in ballots, rigged voting machines etc. It worked then, it'll be used again.

Deanna R Fowler
29d ago

I honestly think the election was fixed so the dems could get there way back in the White House because if you think about it look what we’re facing I honestly don’t think things would be like this if trump was re-elected and Biden lost the election I get trump failed miserably when it came to covid and many major issues with what’s going on in the world but if you think about it Biden is worse he’s open the border back up and illegal immigrants are back in are country ☝🏼and joe has done more harm then good


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