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Man Punched Nurse After Giving His Wife COVID Shot Without Permission. Police Investigating

 23 days ago
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Police are investigating a Canadian man who punched a nurse in the face after she allegedly gave his wife the COVID vaccine shot without his permission. Police are searching for the man after he confronted a female nurse on Monday morning at a pharmacy in Sherbrooke, Canada, where she was assigned to administer the COVID vaccine, police spokesman, Martine Carrier told Reuters.

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Michael Caisse
23d ago

Sick men believe they own their wives/girlfriends like a piece of property. This guy should be arrested for assault and his wife might want to think about her exit strategy.

Lisa Clark Miller
23d ago

If anyone wants to get a vaccine, then they should be free to do so!! No one should have that kind of authority over a human being!! If you don't want to be vaccinated, then don't!! It's called a choice!!

23d ago

I have a husband. He better never ever think he is the boss of me. I am my own keeper.


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