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Peter Schiff: Gold Will Explode; The Dollar Will Implode When the Markets Figure This Out
 27 days ago

Cover picture for the articlePeter Schiff says gold will explode and the dollar will implode when the markets figure out the Fed is crying wolf when it comes to monetary tightening. The Federal Reserve wrapped up another meeting without making any changes to its current extraordinary, loose, inflationary monetary policy. But the central bank did hint that it may start tapering its quantitative easing program “soon.”

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Jeff Bernstein
25d ago

Anybody investing on what Peter Schiff has been saying the last 13 years, is either broke or very poor. Now a broken clock is right twice a day, so maybe Peter can be right once every 12 years.

Vincent de Luna
26d ago

too late. the government has digital money. once famine starts. only food and water will have value.

26d ago

It's called THE GREAT RESET, use non Google ISP, and the information is all there.. The W.E.F and W. H. O are all IN....along with some very familiar globalist faces....This has been planned, and for a long time now... it's going down, exactly as they planned.


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