Two new reports of Trump cheating attempts show why the ‘Electoral Count Act’ needs an overhaul

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleSeveral true but easy conclusions suggest themselves regarding two stories out this week about the Trump campaign’s attempts to overturn last year’s presidential election. Rather than just look backward, though, let’s focus forward toward a cure. The cure would be one that everybody on the political spectrum should agree...

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Anthony Green

all I want to know is what's up with these Republicans what hold does Donald Trump have on them they'll do anything for Donald Trump it probably let Donald Trump go with their daughter granddaughter wife when do they say no to Donald Trump

Bisco Hibbagelos

Get rid of the electoral college and gerrymandering will also disappear. Republicans always claim the big cities will determine the election, but that isn't true. And Democrats believe the rural areas will do the same, which also isn't true. There is many Republicans in big cities that their votes don't count be because of the gerrymandering and the same goes with the democrats in the rural areas. Getting rid of it will force both parties to come to the middle to attract voters from the other side of the political spectrum. Therefore both sides will need to change their message to attract new voters. I believe less extremism will be the result.

Sandra Hill
30d ago

Glenda Oney Martin,,, I hope you don't really believe that after what happened Jan ,6th... He will never get voted in again... You can take that to the bank !!!


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