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What Black People Saw When Border Patrol Whipped Haitians on Horseback

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Want the best of VICE News straight to your inbox? Sign up here. Images of Border Patrol agents on horseback chasing down Haitian migrants as they sought refuge from the devastating conditions in their home country reopened old but familiar wounds for many Black Americans. “The first feeling is...

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Maureen Curtin

more fake news they did not whip anyone from what I have read and seen. they used the reins and twirl them in front of them to keep people back from the horses. a procedure I've seen used a number of times in different context. these people should not be crossing into our country they are not legally allowed to enter. if we had a reasonably functioning government and a president who actually did his job and enforced the laws of the United States we would not have this problem.

Gilbert Posey

and point is they they are not obey the border Patrol like all blacks disobey.Their running past the border Patrol trying to escape they hijacking tranport buses what do you expect

Basil Hayden

I ain't never seen black people getting whipped by any police on horseback, I have heard plenty of stories, on how the blacks shoot at the police, with no shame in their game !!!


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