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To sue the New York Times and his niece, Trump turned to a low-profile attorney from New Jersey

Washington Post
 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleEarlier this month, one of former president Donald Trump’s best-known attorneys — veteran litigator Marc E. Kasowitz — withdrew from a case in which Trump had been sued for alleged defamation. Trump replaced him with a lower-profile lawyer: Alina Habba, from a four-attorney firm with offices near Trump’s Bedminster, N.J.,...

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Darren Small
22d ago

trump is the only modern president to leave office with fewer US jobs than when his term began (3 million). Those were the worst job numbers since Herbert Hoover. The Federal deficit was more than 5 times higher than what is was when trump first took office. The public debt grew rto 8 trillion dollars under trump. As far as wars are concerned, trump could not afford one because he ran up the National debt so much that paying for a war was impossible. trump had pieces of wall built, that didn't last 3 months before it was breached by hand made ladders and began to crumble due to poor quality and weather. So much for a secure border. 😅🤣🤣🤣Facts Facts matter.

Carol Ann
22d ago

So he has diminished the pool of legal counsel he can pick from, and it looks like maybe he hit the bottom of the barrels choice🤣🤣

Christopher Summers
21d ago

as other trump lawyers lose their licenses and livelihoods you bet ur a## his other lawyers are jumping ship to save their own a####


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