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Prince Harry praises Queen and Prince Philip for ‘dedicating their life to service’

The Independent
The Independent

The Duke of Sussex has honoured the work of his grandparents, the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh, in a new documentary.

In BBC One’s Prince Philip: The Family Remembers , a documentary filmed earlier this year originally intended to mark Prince Philip’s 100th birthday, Prince Harry shed light on the relationship between the monarch and his grandfather.

“From my grandmother ’s perspective, to have someone like that on your shoulder for 73 years of marriage it doesn’t get better than that,” he said.

“The two of them together were just the most adorable couple. I don’t know if anyone has ever described them as ‘adorable’.

“But for me knowing the cheekiness of him, and that behind what the world sees you have two individuals who were very much in love and both at a very young age dedicated their life to service.”

The 37-year-old added: “The things that they saw and places they travelled and experiences they went through - that is an incredible bond between two people.”

Speaking specifically about Philip, he described his grandfather as “unapologetically him at all times”.

“What you see is what you got with my grandfather and that’s what I loved more than anything else,” he added.

Prince Harry went on to explain how reaching the age of 100 was not all that important to Prince Philip.

“Whereas in cricket most people want to get to a century, he had a fantastic innings and it’s almost as though at 99 he came running out the crease and scored a massive six,” he said. “But he didn’t actually want to get to a century.”

The Duke of Sussex concluded his segment in the documentary by explaining the things he misses about Prince Philip.

“More than anything I miss his humour but I miss him more for my grandmother because I know how incredibly strong she was with him there,” he said. “I also know she’s going to be ok without him.”

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