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'The View': Massive Update on Whoopi Goldberg's Future on the Show

 26 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWhoopi Goldberg fans can rest easy knowing she reportedly won't be going anywhere from The View any time soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sister Act star has signed a deal with ABC, leaving her to stay for another four seasons on the daytime talk show. The deal includes the current 25th season through Season 28. It remains unclear how much the star stands to make at the moment.

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23d ago

didn't she say she was moving out of the country when Trump was elected

Patrick M. Bowman
23d ago

She'll probably get rid of her white costars. And want a full black crew. That's alright. Because local TV stations can dump the view. And put on news or something.

Barbara Chrvenak
23d ago

Whoopi should have stuck with acting.Most television lacks substance.50 years ago we watched enjoyable programming and the reruns are what we turn to for authentic programming .


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