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Women golf fans at the Ryder Cup


Even though the Ryder Cup features 24 of the best male golfers in the world, it hasn't stopped the women from coming out to cheer for Team USA.

Among the thousands of fans at Whistling Straits are women decked out in the red, white, and blue of Team USA and a few sporting the blue and yellow of Team Europe.

And these fans know their stuff, one woman NBC 26 spoke with said she wouldn't be surprised if she knew more about golf than the boys.

Valerie Juarez

Jenn Harris has been playing golf since she was just a little girl.

Through the years, this male-dominant sport hasn’t stopped her from hitting the golf course.

On Wednesday, she arrived at the Ryder Cup sporting a Wonder Woman costume and other America-themed gear.

She explains the reason for her outfit choice is to represent all the ladies who also love golf.

“Wanted to do a tribute for women, powerful women and be out here and show, just be here for the younger girls and women everywhere. Show them we can be strong and have fun, and support golf,” Harris said.

Valerie Juarez

She also shares what it’s like to be a woman involved with golfing.

“When I was seven in Atlanta, Georgia, so there was probably just me right on the driving range and that was probably it. And fast forward 30 years and there are definitely more women, I think they’re feeling more scared, a little nervous, and not as included as they should but there are more women out there, so the biggest thing we have to do as females to get women out there is to engage and bring more women out one by one bring someone out,” Harris said.

Harris who traveled all the way from San Diego, California for the Ryder Cup shares who she is most excited to watch.

Valerie Juarez

“I love Schauffele, I think he’s great for the game”, Harris said.

Throughout the years, Harris has been so passionate about making the sport more welcoming for women that she even created a business named, High Heel Golfer .

Valerie Juarez

“To help more women get into the game of golf for business, empower them to lean in and join the conversation right here on the golf course,” Harris said.

For another woman attending the Ryder Cup, she played golf throughout college.

Valerie Juarez

She explains she first picked up her club in eighth grade and before she knew it she was recruited to golf for UW-Whitewater.

“Got a few lessons and my swing coach finally said you have too good of a natural swing to not play. We were four times back-to-back champions in our conference so that was four times qualifying for the national tournaments”, said Kelly Storti, Madison.

Both of these ladies and many more in attendance were passionate about playing and watching the game.

Valerie Juarez

And while it's Storti's first time at a big golf event like this, for Harris this is her second Ryder Cup.

A few years ago she traveled overseas for her first one.

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