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The CDC Brings Alarming News: COVID Can Spread Even in Groups Where Most Individuals Had Been Vaccinated

Cover picture for the articleOfficials are generally very straightforward when it comes to the vaccines for COVID. They believe that unless more and more people get them, the coronavirus will keep spreading across the world like wildfire. writes about a new study of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that...

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Jeff Daugherty

So are we the unvaccinated ok again or are they still blaming us for all of this? Asking for a friend…

N Pn

The CDC is a bit slow. Anyone who was following the news coming out of Israel already knew this. Of course the main stream media didn't bother to report how that largely vaccinated country was still dealing with third and fourth wave of this pandemic.

Grant Evans

How much recent literature do we ALL need to see to understand "THE VACCINES DONT WORK!!" and in fact THE VACCINES are causing the sicknesses and death,,,,NOT the virus!! Wake up, if you haven t been vaccinated, don't , and if you have, don't get any boosters......and pray!


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