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Fullerton, CA

Laura Lasorda talks to ABC7 on Tommy Lasorda Day in Fullerton

 25 days ago

Tommy Lasorda's daughter Laura spoke to ABC7 about the love her parents shared as she celebrated Tommy Lasorda Day in Fullerton.

Jo Lasorda, widow of the former Los Angeles Dodgers manager, died Monday night at her Fullerton home at the age of 91. Tommy Lasorda died in January at the age of 93. The two had been married for 70 years.

"The eight or nine months they were apart, I think that this is the best birthday present that my father could get, is having my mother by his side in heaven," she said. "The two of them really did walk hand in hand all those years, never in front, never behind, always together."

The late Tommy Lasorda would have turned 94 on Wednesday. He spent nearly 70 years living in Fullerton with his wife, Jo, who passed away Monday night. The city honored the legendary Dodgers manager by declaring the day Tommy Lasorda Day.

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