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Income Tax

The Government Proposes To Obtain Everyone’s Bank Transactions To Make Sure The Wealthy Aren’t Hiding Income
 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleMost people calculate and report how much tax they owe by themselves instead of having the government determine it for them. But some people don’t tell the truth or are unable to calculate their income. As a result, there is a tax gap which is the difference between what the government should be collecting if everyone was telling the truth and what people actually pay.

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23d ago

If the rich want to hide their money, they will, and they have the big buck lawyers and accountants to help them so basically this is just another Democrat scheme to pry into your personal life.

cousins bros
23d ago

has nothing to do with rich. they want to make sure you don't have a penny they don't know about. evil at its finest.

Allyson PD
23d ago

they want to know what,where,when, and how we spend our money and where we spend it. it is their way spying on us. do you really think the little guy will be ok? yeah one or two rich people will get " caught" to say see told you but in reality us lowly ones will suffer.


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