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Liberal Senate Democrats urge House to postpone critical infrastructure vote

Washington Examiner
 24 days ago

Cover picture for the articleEleven liberal Senate Democrats are urging their House counterparts to postpone passage of bipartisan infrastructure legislation until Congress passes a massive social welfare spending package. “The House of Representatives should wait to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill,” Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders and 10 other liberal Democrats said in...

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23d ago

Yes, postpone it, actually both bills should be canned, nobody wants the 3.5 Trillion bill except the progressive socialists, the other bill was bipartisan, was to be a stand a lone bill only, so if Democrats want to hold it hostage, I say hold off on the bill for 1.2 Trillion till next year after we get different people in office who works for the Americans best interest!

23d ago

If all the illegals kept their legs closed you wouldn’t need child tax credits! I had children, and love MiMi and my husband got no child tax credit! So stop the pork in all these bills you want to pass! With this administration, the economy at its lowest, illegals at its highest, inflation at its highest, crime rates at its highest, food, gas, etc at its highest! How in the hell you think seniors and veterans are struggling! Take the pork out of the bills, no park renovations for Nancy Pelosi. She won’t be able to walk much longer around a park, take the bulge of citizenship out of the pork! Stop the invasion of illegal alien freeloaders on the American taxpayers! If you need all that money to feed your illegal criminals and Muslim terrorists m, then you pay for these murderers! No more on the Americans! Also, the Americans want the Muslims and all foreigners out of the White House and congress! None of these people have the knowledge of what Americans nor do they want to l

Xiomara Rodriguez
23d ago

107 billion for for permanent residency for those who are here illegally, tips, illegal farm workers. How is that infrastructure?


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