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‘America’s Most Wanted’ Host John Walsh Says Brian Laundrie’s Family ‘Bought Him Time’ To Flee Authorities
 30 days ago

John Walsh, the former host of America’s Most Wanted, is wondering whether the family of Brian Laundrie bought him time to allow him to escape authorities.

Eight days ago (Sept. 14), the parents of Brian Laundrie wouldn’t allow police to speak to their son. This was when his fiancée, Gabby Petito, still was missing. Authorities discovered her body this past Sunday. Laundrie still is a person of interest in the case.

Walsh, appearing on CNN, doesn’t believe Laundrie even was at his parents’ home Sept. 14. The parents called authorities days later to say Brian Laundrie had gone missing. But no one knows how long Laundrie really has been off the grid.

“Has anybody seen any confirmation that he was in that house?” Walsh asked on CNN.

“All this time, the FBI and the North Port (Fla) Police have been going on the word” of Laundrie’s parents and their lawyer. They were the ones, Walsh said, who said he was in the house.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, who were engaged, went on a long trip across western parts of the country earlier this summer in a white Ford Transit van. They started the trip July 2. Petito vlogged about van life on social media. She tagged the posts #vanlife. Then the posts stopped.

Laundrie, driving the van, returned home to Florida, Sept. 1. Gabby wasn’t with him. She was last seen in Wyoming, Aug. 25. Her parents received a text from her phone, Aug. 30. They filed a missing persons report, Sept. 11, in New York. Police in Florida knocked on the Laundrie’s door that night. But the parents gave the police their lawyer’s phone number. He was named a person of interest a week ago, Sept. 15.

Walsh Thinks Brian Laundrie Had Plenty of Time to Scrub the Van of Evidence

John Walsh commented about how much time had passed, time that Brian Laundrie could’ve used to get rid of incriminating evidence.

“What if he came back with the van and was there for 10 days,” he said of Laundrie’s return to Florida.

Walsh described it as a “great amount of time to prepare for an escape.” He said Laundrie could’ve “scrubbed the van” before police even knew Gabby was missing.

Walsh also said that his parents turning in Laundrie as missing was a “ruse” and a “red herring.” Police are looking for Laundrie in a nature preserve.

“My philosophy is, he never went to the swamp,” Walsh said, adding, “His parents and the lawyer… bought him four days to get out in front of this.

“How the hell did this boy get out of the house? I think the FBI and the Northport police have gotten a lot of questions to answer,” he said. “How did he get out of that house and get away?”

According to CNN, an underwater dive team arrived at the Carlton Reserve, Wednesday, near Venice, Fla. The dive team is from the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department. The unit searches for evidence of crimes and/or victims of drowning and water accidents.

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poppi toe
28d ago

I'm with u john i have been watching your shows since i was 5 years old I'm 52 now i believe in everything you do keep up the good work and hope your son keeps up your legacy we need alot more people like u in this world.

Pam Estep
28d ago

His parents probably took his car there and left it. Knowing the police would waste their time looking for Brian there giving him more time to get away and hide out.

28d ago

Well if what Walsh is saying is true then I'd say he's out of the country by now and off the grid for good it seems. If I was in charge of the investigation I'd look into everything about his family including the money flow and on how they live first. There's got to be a trail leading somewhere for him. 4 days is alot of time to scat being off the grid.


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