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Dale Earnhardt Sr. Doing ‘The Top Ten List’ On David Letterman In 1998 Is Pure Gold

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff
 27 days ago

We all know Dale Earnhardt Sr. is a racing legend, but did you know he’s also a comedian?

Well, kind of…

Back in 1998, Dale stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman to do the regular “Top Ten List” segment, and it’s pretty hysterical.

He made his appearance on the late show in February, the day after his first Daytona 500 win that year. Winning what NASCAR fans consider the Super Bowl of racing happened to take him 20 years to accomplish, if you can believe it.

With the category “10 reasons it took me 20 years to win the Dayton 500”, a few of them include:

– “It took me 19 years to realize I had the emergency brake on.”

– “Finally rotated and balanced my mustache.”

– “Just figured out that if you mash the gas pedal all the way down, the car takes off like a son-of-a-bitch.”

And, there’s plenty more where that came from. His delivery and timing during the whole thing is just impeccable. Though he was known for being a hard-nosed, tough and intimidating (you don’t get that nickname for nothin’) driver, he was also funny as shit.

We didn’t get to see that side of his personality too often in public, either, which makes this video all the more funny and special.

Take three minutes out of your day to watch this if you need a good laugh:

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John Henry Holiday
27d ago

I was at Talladega in the mid to late 90s , in the pits I ran into Big E ,shook his hand an got to talking with him while walking ,He introduced me to Darrell Waltrip . I forget what was said but him an Waltrip had me cracking up . ah good times, good times


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