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Moab, UT

Man Heard Gabby Petito Ask Brian Laundrie 'Why Do You Have to Be So Mean?' During Dispute


Cover picture for the articleA man who witnessed the Aug. 12 argument between Gabby Petito and fiancé Brian Laundrie in Moab, Utah, told police at the time that "something seemed off." According to a recently released written statement, the witness, identified only as Chris, told Moab police he was outside the Moonflower Community Cooperative near...

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Angie Lovil

This story is so sad.You think they will change but it only gets worse. I know all about that personallyyour life is in danger and your love for that person keeps pulling you backThats until you get to the point where your. life is hanging by a threadDo not let it get that far. Get the hell out and run for your life

Beverly Williamson

When a woman like Gabby is in a toxic relationship with a man like Brian she finds it hard to leave the relationship. Brain had already both emotionally and physically abused her. He had already brought her self esteem down. She could have already tried to leave the relationship but found it hard to do. Extenuating circumstances which we will never know about could have played a great deal into whyAug 30 she didn't leave him. There is a possibility that he threatened her if she tried to leave. He was a violent ' volcano ' ready to errupt. The fact is that instead of staying up in Wyoming and reporting her missing there he left and drove back to Florida.

Victoria Kermen

he couldn't handle her starting her new chapter of her life, he convinced himself that she was going to see that she was too good for him and wouldn't need him anymore. he didn't have faith in his own manipulation because he saw her strength and could see she was at her wits with him. so he tried to destroy this new life she was chasing. I wouldn't doubt it if he killed her because she finally called it quits after he spent their entire road trip making her miserable and mentally and emotionally exhausting her. not to mention is the account of them at the restaurant on August 27th is true, it was probably her last straw. He is a low life, I hope they find him alive.


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