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“It’s getting to a point where it’s becoming dangerous”: Simone Biles talks Olympic twisties in Simone vs Herself finale trailer

Awful Announcing
 23 days ago

Cover picture for the articleReligion of Sports’ Versus series for Facebook Watch has been an interesting combination of standard documentary and first-person narrative series, with series director Gotham Chopra and his team getting up close and personal with athletes. Both Tom vs Time and Stephen vs The Game (on Tom Brady and Stephen Curry, respectively) revealed interesting sides of their subjects, as has the third series, Simone vs Herself (on Simone Biles) through five episodes so far. The final episodes of Simone vs. Herself , airing as a two-part finale on Monday, Sept. 27 and Tuesday, Sept. 28, may be particularly interesting, as they’ll be covering this summer’s Olympic trials and then the Tokyo Olympics themselves.

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