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“Disbarred and Disgraced Former Arkansas Lawyer” Sues Texas Doctor for Violating Abortion Ban, It’s the Second Lawsuit for the Doctor

Reform Austin
Reform Austin
 28 days ago
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The infamous Texan abortion ban has been widely criticized for shifting the application of justice to private citizens instead of state officials or law enforcement. Under this law, whoever successfully sues anyone who “aids or abets” an abortion, is entitled to a $10,000 reward, minimum. As expected, bounty hunters have...

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Anthony Velvick
27d ago

Sad, women's health going back to the dark ages. It is a law, abortion is legal, has been for 50 years

27d ago

This guy is looking to make a profit. What could be more American than making a profit?

martha whelan
26d ago

abortion is choice. it's no one's business. it is a private personal choice. it is very sad that women's rights are being taken away. it is wrong. she can terminate her pregnancy if she wants to. the government has no right to tell her no.


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