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Presidential Election

Dominion Lawsuit Reveals Donald Trump's Campaign Knew It Made False Election Fraud Charges

International Business Times
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleDominion Systems, the voting systems company at the center of conspiracies about the 2020 U.S. presidential race, has forced former President Donald Trump’s campaign to admit they knew all along the accusations made on election fraud were unfounded. In its defamation lawsuit against the Trump campaign, an internal memo...

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Lisa Trout Porrini
27d ago

there is nothing to do!!! there is still not a shred of evidence of voter fraud. the DOJ, DHS and election commission have all come back with the same conclusion. and that is, it was a fair election. trump lost and will never hold office in this country again!! this has to stop!!

Michael Mathis
25d ago

all of the recounts in different states yelled absolutely nothing but you still lie about it and some people need to believe trump and others lie

Mike McDonald
16d ago

STOP IT..!! You are as bad as Trump. Your spreading FALSE CLAIMS.. There is nothing about any Fraud found in Pennsylvania. Where is your so said proof..!!!


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