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Minneapolis, MN

This Minnesota Cafe Has Best Pancakes In The Whole State

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 30 days ago
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Pancakes are a staple breakfast food item . There is nothing better than a fresh stack of pancakes with melted butter and warmed syrup to top it off.

Yes, homemade pancakes are delicious. But why cook at home and make a mess in the kitchen when you can head to a restaurant and have breakfast served to you. You can travel to the nearest IHop or Dennys to get your pancake fix, or you can get your favorite brunch buddies together and go to the restaurant in your state that is said to have the best pancakes around.

Luckily, if you don't know where that is, Eat This, Not That! searched for the best pancakes in every state.

So, where in Minnesota can you find the best pancakes?

Maria's Cafe in Minneapolis.

If Minneapolis is too far for you to go on any given day, make sure to add Maria's Cafe to your next road trip bucket list.

Here is what the report had to say about Maria's Cafe:

"Corn pancakes are a highlight of the menu at Maria's Cafe. This sweet and savory breakfast can also be topped with salty, crumbled cotija cheese."

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