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1,500+ Fans Reportedly Walk Out On Monday Night Raw Segment
 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articleVoting with your shoes? Every now and then, an angle in wrestling just does not click. For one reason or another, there is something that does not work in a story and it can become a problem. You can see these things over and over and it does not make things any easier. That was the case this week again and some fans in the arena made it clear that they were unhappy.

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Frank P
24d ago

I stopped watching wrestling when I was in middle school. I honestly dont understand how people watch this new age soap opera stuff lol

George South
24d ago

i grew up in the 70's and 80's watching Memphis wrestling with Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Jimmy Hart and so on... to me that was the greatest wrestling there ever was... I never really cared for WWE (WWF).

Lawrence Hickman
24d ago

the writting not a writter but i definetly could do better.....wwe fires all the good wrestlers and keeps the no talent guys in peace


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