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Royal Family News: Prince Harry And Meghan’s Sense Of Entitlement Causing Mayhem For Queen

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news reveals that four-faced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s reported wish to be royal and not royal, to occupy two places in time and space is causing an alleged Motrin moment for the queen. In a classic case of Schrödinger’s cat riddle, the royal runaways want...

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Angela Golden

the Queen should cut all ties to the Markles. Harry and Megan only want the money but do nothing for them. These lied these two have made public to destroy the RF is enough for the Queen and the rest of the RF to cut all ties. He is a lier and untrustworthy and should be charged with treason. the Markles have harmed themselves no one helped them to try and destroy the Royal Family. I think the Queens ratings would sky rocket if she put a stop to the Markles hate for the family once and for all. these two should be working and providing for themselves. Long Live Queen Elizabeth ll

Evelyn Gadway

They walked away from all the entitlements, totality or anything connected. Are they changing their minds and crying wolf because they are not getting their way here either.

Edsel Middleton

Harry & Megan are yesterday's news. The queen should cut off their finances from the Royal House and do what the rest of peasants do. Blow them off.


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