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ONLY one state bars employers mandating Covid-19 vaccines, this map shows

Centre Daily
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articlePrivate employers are increasingly considering whether to require proof of vaccination amid lingering COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and the rapidly spreading delta variant. But individual state regulations, some of which prohibit employers from doing just that, have added a layer of confusion. Combined with President Joe Biden’s vaccine and testing requirement affecting millions of American workers, some companies are at a loss.

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Fairy Killa
21d ago

So that copy a doctors office gives you stating your right to privacy just got thrown out the window as far as the government is concerned. That shot card is a confidential medical record and should be illegal for someone to demand to see it.

Carla Girvin
20d ago

this dumpsterfire of an administration has got to be stopped! ppl and businesses need to realize that there is no law in place and no one to enforce these mandates at this time. stand up for your rights

Lonnie Fisher
22d ago

Not true texas has a law on the books stating mask nor vaccines can be mandated by any employer or vaccination status cannot be a decision in employment


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